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How to set up SoftEther VPN on Mac OS X
How to set up SoftEther VPN on Mac OS X
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  1. Download the SoftEther application for Mac OS.
    Unzip it, add it to your Applications folder and launch it from your Launchpad.

  2. Input your Mac OS account User Name and Password.

    3.Click on the SoftEther VPN icon on your Mac Menu Bar.
       Next, click on "Start  SoftEtherVPN.

      After SoftEtherVPN starts, click on Configure Accounts. 

     4. Click on the + button to add a new configuration.

5. Input with the following:

  • Account Name: limeVPN for example, you can choose any name you want;

  • Server: Pick a server that is compatible with SoftEther from the Client Area Server List

  • Port: 443;

  • Hub: VPN

  • Username: your limeVPN username

  • Password: your VPN password

  • Check the Radius option;

    Click Apply.

6. Make sure you check the followings:

  • Send All Traffic Over VPN

  • Use Remote DNS

  • Show Time Connected (optional)

    Next, click on the newly created VPN connection, LimeVPN in our case.

7. You are connected if the time Status is showing connected.

You can now check your new IP by visiting

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