Kodi + strongSwan Android app

Step 1: Launch the Strongswan on your Kodi device and sign in. You can download the APK file for the strongSwan from APKPure.

Step 2: From the main screen > Click on Add VPN profile.

Step 3: Fill in the Configuration details :

Server name: The location of the server where you want to connect. Eg: eu10.limevpn.com

VPN type: Let the VPN type be the same shown in the below screenshot.

Username: VPN username

Password: VPN password

Profile name: Same as the server name.

Step 4: Once you’re successfully connected, look at the main app window or visit ipchicken.com to verify that you are connected and that your IP has successfully changed.

Step 5: After successful connection to the LimeVPN network, start Kodi and begin to view content.

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