How to retrieve logs in ASUSWRT Merlin?

Step 1: To retrieve the VPN logs, access Advanced Settings > System Log > General Log and tap the Clear button at the bottom to delete the historical logs.


Step 2: Historical logs will be deleted as shown below.


Step 3: Navigate to the VPN option on the menu on the left, select the VPN Client tab, and turn on the Service State button.


Step 4: Navigate back to the Advanced Settings > System Log > General Log to obtain fresh logs generated after trying to establish your LimeVPN connection.


Step 5: Copy the entire VPN log and share it with our support team for further assistance. Please note that the latest logs will be generated toward the end of the General log window.

Keep the cursor on the logs and press Ctrl+A to select the entire log and then press Ctrl+C to copy it. Open Notepad and press Ctrl+V to paste the copied content. We highly recommend sharing the log details as a text file attachment to prevent line breaks in the log.

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