With various router models available, the current tutorial reproduces the steps as to how to disable IPv6 on TP-Link routers (firmware V1, V2, and V3).

We are using TP-Link AC1750 - Archer C7 with firmware version 3.13.32 for testing purposes. For other versions, the setup will be similar or with minor changes.

Step 1 out of 4: Access your router dashboard(homepage) by writing the home address (LAN IP) on any Internet browser page.

* Typically, the default home address(LAN IP) is: but may vary if a different one was assigned.


Step 2 out of 4: After loading the Router dashboard, look on the left side panel, click IPv6 Support, and then: IPv6 setup:


Step 3 out of 4: Under WAN Setup, please uncheck the option: Enable IPv6.


Step 4 out of 4: Confirm the change with "Save" and confirm if a pop-up message displays that notify IPv6 will only be disabled with a router reboot.



Q: I only need IPv6 capabilities, as I do not trust IPv4. Why do I need to disable IPv6?

A: Ensuring optimal privacy is our main concern and it provides maximum privacy capabilities and performance output using IPv4. What this in turn means is that with IPv4, the traffic is secured with AES 256-BIT encryption, regardless of the server you might be using.

Q: Why does Support ask me to disable IPv6?

A: Help may require that IPv6 be disabled from your end, as this move means that the

VPN tunnel functions optimally and that even if only IPv4 is used, nothing will obstruct the traffic.

Q: My ISP provides the only IPv6!

A: Oh, no worries! Please contact the support team at the addresses below for the best strategy, and the best action plan will be set up to ensure your privacy and anonymity.

Q: I disabled IPv6 but my VPN still does not work. What do I do now?

A: Disabling IPv6 is only one of the measures that can be used for troubleshooting and please contact the support team for a more thorough investigation.

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