How to disable IPv6 on your ASUS router

With different router models available, the current tutorial describes the steps for disabling IPv6 on ASUS models.

*NOTE: We have used RT-AX88U. There will be no or minor changes on other versions and you can use the same steps. As LimeVPN is providing the IPv4, it is important to disable IPv6 to be fully secured.

Step 1 out of 4: Access your Router dashboard(homepage) by writing the home address (LAN IP) in any Internet browser page.

* Typically, the default home address(LAN IP) is: but may vary if a different one was assigned but may work as well.

Step 2 out of 4: After loading the Router dashboard in your browser, look in the left side panel and find: Advanced Settings. Under Advanced settings, choose IPv6.


Step 3 out of 4: Loading the IPv6 menu, choose: Disable for IPv6.


Step 4 out of 4: Confirm the change with "Apply".

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