At LimeVPN, we best use servers that are physically positioned inside the city they should be; we never use virtual locations. But whilst you appearance up your IP deal with records with a third-party platform, your geolocation statistics may not match the area information provided through LimeVPN.

Geolocation is the estimate of a physical area that web sites and apps use up-to-date determine the vicinity of its up-to-date. When you look up the geolocation data about your IP address, you’re usually not getting correct statistics. Geolocation facts are provided from large databases that are maintained through third events. So, while you use a web service like WhatIsMyIPAddress or search “what's my IP” on Google, the facts back are sourced from a geolocation database provider.

We at LimeVPN haven't any control over the geolocation statistics that these third parties offer. At the same time, we post corrections up-to-date database vendors while we find out the geolocation is inaccurate. It frequently takes up updated months — if in any respect — for the updates updated manner.

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