If you're having trouble while trying to login to the LimeVPN website, here are a few reasons why that could happen:

  • The email that you're trying to login with is incorrect.

  • The password that you're using is incorrect.

If you get the error “Too many attempts to log in” in our application or website, continue reading.

This error means that your IP address might have been blocked in our system in order to prevent brute force attacks. Brute force attacking is a method that might be used to break into your account by guessing passwords many times with automated tools. In order to prevent such activities, we might temporarily block the IP address after several unsuccessful attempts to log in.

Here is what you can do to avoid that:

  • This is a temporary block. The first time your IP address will be blocked for a few minutes only, so try to log in 10 minutes later.

  • In case you forgot your password, reset it here: https://www.limevpn.com/billing/pwreset.php

  • If you can not log in to our website when connected to the VPN server, try connecting to a different server or disconnect from the server at all.

  • Try to log in using a different network e.g. mobile data instead of Wi-Fi on your phone. That will give you a new IP address.

  • If you have a dynamic IP on your network, try restarting the router - that will give you a new IP.

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