1 . First we need to install OpenVPN. Open Terminal by clicking Ctrl+Alt+T or Win+T

sudo apt- get install openvpn

2. Now change the directory to the OpenVPN installed one.

cd/etc/ openvpn

3. Now we need to download and move the configuration files.

sudo wget https://www.limevpn.com/downloads/OpenVPN-Config.zip

4. Now we need to install unzip so that we can unzil the package.

sudo apt-get install unzip

Sudo unzip OpenVPN-Config.zip

5. Select UDP as protocol.

6. To see the list of servers, enter

ls -al

7. Connect to the server that you have chosen by entering.

sudo- openvpn

8. Enter your LimeVPN username and the password you have received post payment.

9. Now you are connected to the VPN.

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