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Why do I get Connection Error : RasDialException
Why do I get Connection Error : RasDialException
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ERROR: Error while VPN connection is established: [RasDialException] The network connection between your computer and the VPN server could not be established because the remote server is not responding. This is typically caused by a pre-shared key problem

If you get "RasDialException" error message while establishing connection with the LimeVPN, then it is typically because of the incorrect Pre-Shared Key. 

If you are using manual configuration to setup LimeVPN

1 . Check that the pre-shared key which you have entered is correct. The pre-shared key for LimeVPN is ‘’private’’ or ‘’limevpn’’

2. Check that you have entered your credentials correctly ( i.e., keep a check on your password as it is case sensitive, no space between the letters etc.)

3. Verify that your subscription has not expired by logging in to your Client Area

If you are still facing issues you can feel free to contact LimeVPN support either by or on Live Chat.

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