LimeVPN accepts various payment methods such as through Credit Card, Bitcoin, PayPal etc. If in case you have made the payment and purchased your LimeVPN subscription and your account is still not active then, follow our guide as given below:

There are certain payment methods such as Credit Cards or Bitcoin that may take up to 1 hour to reflect and verify your payment, once payment is verified the subscription gets activated. You need to wait for some time after you make the payment.

However, there are chances that your payment did not go through correctly and thus it cannot be verified from our end. This can be due to network congestion or maybe your payment was flagged for the false "suspicion of fraud". In such cases, your payment gets reverted back to your credit card within some time. You can contact your bank in such cases.

Apart from this, you can feel free to contact LimeVPN customer support for assistance.

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