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How can I verify my LimeVPN order?
How can I verify my LimeVPN order?
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You just registered to our service and got an email saying that Your LimeVPN order needs to be verified. What does it mean?

Well, we take your payment security very seriously and we do our best to fight frauds on the Internet.

This is why we verify each and every one of our orders, and if anything looks a little unusual, we check it before we finalize the process.

How can you verify your order?

1 . Send us the screenshot of your payment.

If your account isn't active or has been suspended for fraud verification, please send us the screenshot of your payment to to verify the account. 

2. Use the link provided in the email you got:

You have received an email stating that your order needs to be verified?

You can follow the link in the email and proceed to the verification.

3. If everything is OK, your account should be activated really soon!

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