How to Set up SoftEther VPN Client on Linux

  1. Start the SoftEther VPN client:sudo /usr/vpnclient/vpnclient startIf you see this message: “The SoftEther VPN Client service has been started.” then the SoftEther VPN client has successfully started.

  2. Check the SoftEther VPN client:vpncmd

  3. Select “3” to enter “Use of VPN Tools (certificate creation and Network Traffic Speed Test Tool)”.

  4. Test the SoftEther VPN Client installation:CheckIf all the checks are passed, you can go to the next step.                          
    Important! Do not go to the next step until you do not correct all the errors.

  5. Press “Ctrl” + “C” or “Ctrl” + “D” to exit.

  6. Set up SoftEther VPN client. Start configuration with:vpncmd

  7. Select “2. Management of VPN Client”.

  8. Do not enter any addresses at “Hostname or IP Address of Destination” and press “Enter” to connect to the localhost.

  9. Create a virtual interface to connect to the VPN server. In the SoftEther VPN configuration type:NicCreate vpn_se

  10. Create an account that will use this interface for the VPN connection. Run this command in the terminal:AccountCreate Limevpn

  11. Set up VPN account with your details.“Destination Virtual Hub Name”: LimeVPN“Destination VPN server Host Name and Port Number”: {VPN IP address}:{SoftEther VPN Port}                                                                     

    You can find all the available servers and ports in your account on our website by        going to your service details.
  12.“Connecting User Name”: {your VPN username}                                      
        You can find your username in your account on our website, by going to your               service details. Make sure you use your VPN username and NOT the website              account one.

13. “Used Virtual Network Adapter Name”: vpn_seIf you get the “The command completed successfully.” message, it means that the account creation was successfully finished.

14. Set up a password: AccountPassword Limevpn and enter your VPN password for “Password” and “Confirm input”.          

You can find your password in your account on our website, by going to your service details. Make sure you use your VPN password and NOT the website account one.
15. At “Specify standard or radius:” type radius
16. Connect to the SoftEther VPN client using the created account:
     AccountConnect Limevpn
17.  Test the connection to the VPN server:
    If you see “Connected” you can go to the next step.

18. Press “Ctrl” + “C” or “Ctrl” + “D” to exit the SoftEther VPN, Client Manager.

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