How to Setup LimeVPN on Amazon Kindle Fire.

 Setup LimeVPN on your Kindle Fire

  • On your Kindle's home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Wireless.

  • Open VPN.   

  • Select Add a VPN Profile.

Enter your LimeVPN login information:  

  • Name – Enter

  • Type – Your chosen security protocol, we suggest using PPTP

  • Server Address – Type in your desired country from our server list, (ex: - USA)

  • PPP encryption (MPPE) – Select if PPP encryption (MPPE) is required

  • Selec Save. Your LimeVPN profile will then appear on the VPN screen.

  • To Connect: Tap LimeVPN from the VPN screen.

  • Fill in your LimeVPN username and password, and the n choose Connect. That’s it!


** If you are using another model of Kindle that doesn’t have native VPN support, there are a few other ways to set up LimeVPN: 

  • You can create a VPN enabled virtual hotspot on your laptop and then connect to that hotspot with your Kindle device. You can also connect your Kindle to a VPN Router, and then connect to LimeVPN. Both of these ways reroute your traffic through LimeVPN’s servers. You can then use your Kindle safely, securely, and as if you were in your desired location.

  • A more technical approach to connecting your Kindle to LimeVPN is called rooting. This replaces Kindle’s OS with a more standard version of Android. However, that’s something we don’t recommend doing since it can void your device’s warranty, and therefore we wont cover it here.

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