How to set up a VPN for Linux Mint

Make sure you disable IPv6 before following the steps below.

Step 1

. Download the config files from

Step 2

. Unpack the tar archive either from the GUI tar app or via the terminal.

In our example we've used the terminal:

  • navigate to Downloads folder: cd Downloads

  • list the files: ls

  • find the tar archive and run the unpack (example 5641_linux.tar.gz, the number will be different in your case): tar -zxvf ####_linux.tar.gz

Step 3

. Add a new VPN connection.

Click on network connection icon in the taskbar, select VPN and then click on Configure VPN.




Step 4

. In the Network Connection window click on Add

Step 5

. Choose the following option for Connection Type from the drop-down:

"Import a saved VPN configuration". Then click Create.

Step 6

. Browse to your Downloads folder and select the config file of the server location you want to connect to (location is given in the config file name).

Step 7

. After importing the file do the following in the VPN Tab

:      Leave the Gateway as it is and write down the port number, in this case,  is    1194;

  • Input the Username: you ibVPN registered email address;

  • Input the Password: your VPN password, you can check it in the Client Area;

  • Click on Advanced;

Step 8

. Click on the Security Tab

.Next, leave the Cipher to AES-256-CBC and change the HMAC Authentication to SHA-512. Click OK and then Save.

Step 9

. In order to connect you need to open the network connection widget.

Go to VPN Connections and click on the recently added VPN connection.

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