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How to configure IPFire Firewall?
How to configure IPFire Firewall?
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  1. Access your IPFire via command line as root.

2. Create and access the directory where all our configuration files will be stored:

3. Download our configuration files and unzip them:

4. Before connecting – you have to add additional rule to the routing table:

This rule will route all traffic from network via the VPN tunnel. If you use different addresses – change accordingly.

5. To connect to our service type in:

6. Type in your LimeVPN username and password when asked.

7. You will get the following output if successfully connected

Note: If the VPN doesn't start and you are getting following output:

Then do the following:

If you receive the below message, that means your TUN/TAP device is ready for use.

Then repeat steps 5 and 6Β 

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