NOTE: OpenVPN client is pre-installed in GL.iNet routers GL-AR150, GL-AR300M, GL-MT300N, GL-MT300A, GL-USB150, GL-AR750, GL-B1300 from firmware v2.19.

Download the firmware for each device:

The newest firmware maybe put in the testing folder:

1. Open GL.iNET router admin panel. Click on the OpenVPN option.

2. You can download the OpenVPN files from here. Drag and drop the .ovpn file or click under Upload ovpn to upload the .ovpn file.

You can also drag zip files and the router will automatically extract and add ovpn files.

3. You will get a prompt like below. You need to enter the LimeVPN username and password.

4. After refreshing the page, you will be able to connect to the OpenVPN.

Please create the VPN connection by following the steps below:

  • Check "Enable".

  • Check "Force VPN" if you want to force all Internet traffic to go through VPN. However, you will lose Internet access if the VPN is disconnected.

  • Then choose a .ovpn file which you want to use.

  • Now click "Apply"

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