1. Choose VPN and Remote Access from the menu in the left.

  2. Select LAN to LAN in the submenu.

  3. Click on any empty entry to create a new connection.

  4. From the Common Settings, enter a profile name (e.g. LimeVPN ), then select Enable this profile.

  5. Choose Dial-Out as Call Direction, and check Always on.

  6. Choose L2TP with IPSec in Dial-Out Settings.

  7. Enter the IP address of the server you wishes to connect to. You can get the list of servers from here.

  8. Enter private in the Pre-shared key depending on the server you 

  9. Enter your LimeVPN Username& Password.

  10. When scrolling down to the TCP/IP settings please disable RIP Direction.

  11. Set NAT in "From the first subnet to the remote network, you have to do".

  12. Select Change default route to this VPN.

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