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How to setup LimeVPN on Nvidia Shield TV?
How to setup LimeVPN on Nvidia Shield TV?
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Using LimeVPN you can unblock the websites and bypass the web filters on  Nvidia Shield TV. However, there is no way to set up a VPN connection directly on Nvidia Shield TV, alternatively, you will need to follow one of the methods below.

There are two methods through which you can set up LimeVPN on your Nvidia Shield TV:-

1. Using a Wireless Router running LimeVPN.
2. Using a Laptop running LimeVPN and connected as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

In order to configure LimeVPN on Nvidia Shield TV, follow our step by step guide detailed below:

Connect Nvidia Shield TV using a Wireless Router running LimeVPN:-

In order to run the LimeVPN on your Nvidia Shield TV, you need to first set it up on your router (DDWRT router is the most suitable). Refer this articles to setup LimeVPN on different routers.

  1. Now that your wireless router is configured with LimeVPN, switch On your Nvidia Shield TV. 

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Choose Network Connection and select Wireless Network. 

  4. Click Start Connection.

  5. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter your Wi-Fi Password. 

  6. Once connected, you're ready to open any website you'd like on your Nvidia Shield TV!  

Using a Laptop running LimeVPN and connected as a Wi-Fi hotspot :- 

  1. First, make sure you have LimeVPN running on your laptop. Refer these articles to set up LimeVPN on your laptop.

  2. Once your VPN is connected, all you need to do is convert your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. To set up your computer as a Wi-Fi hotspot, you first need to verify whether your computer’s physical wireless adapter supports this feature. To check, follow the steps below: 

How to create a wireless hosted network in Windows:-

1. Right 'cmd' on the search bar and right click.
2. Select “Run as administrator”.
3. The command prompt window will open on your screen. Write NETSH WLAN SHOW DRIVERS and click Enter.

4. If the generated output shows Hosted network supported: Yes, then you can follow our guide. If your wireless adapter isn't supported, you could try using a USB wireless adapter that supports the feature.
5. Close the command prompt and restart as mentioned in step 1.
6. Enter this command in the cmd: netsh wlan set hosted network mode=allow ssid=Your_SSID key=Your_Passphrase, . 

SSID - Name you want to identify your wireless network when trying to connect a new device.

Passphrase - The network security key you want users to use to connect to your network (Remember that the passphrase has to be at least 8 characters in length.)

  1. Once you create a hosted network, enter the following command to activate: netsh WLAN start hosted network

How to share your internet connection with a Hosted Network in Windows 10

At this point, you have created a hosted network on your PC. In order to make it accessible to other wireless devices, you need to share the internet connection using the “Internet Connection Sharing” feature from a physical network adapter. 

  1. Use the shortcut (Windows key+X) to open the power user menu and select Network Connections.

  2. Right click on the Network Adapter with an internet connection (this could be Ethernet or wireless network).

  3. Select Properties.    

NOTE: In network connections, you will now be able to see a new Microsoft Hosted Virtual Adapter which is labeled as Local Area Connection* X, and with the SSID name.
4. Select the Sharing tab and check to Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection option.
5. From the Home networking connection drop-down menu, choose Microsoft Hosted Virtual Adapter.
6. Click Ok to finish.  

7. Once you have LimeVPN running on your laptop and your laptop converted into a WiFi hotspot, you're ready to connect your Nvidia Shield TV to your WiFi hotspot! 

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