How to configure Sabai - OpenVPN?
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If you haven't got a VPN router yet, you can see our full range here.

For instructions on setting up your VPN Router with a specific VPN Provider please see our VPN Provider Setup Instructions


Click here for general instructions on How to Set up PPTP on your Sabai VPN Router.  Looking for something else? Check out our FAQ & How To.

How to Set up OpenVPN on your Sabai VPN Router

*You will need your VPN Provider Information.*

Download your OVPN file from here.

Please make sure you are connected to the Sabai router before attempting setup. Connect using either wire or wireless.

Open a web browser and enter in the address bar and login to your Sabai VPN Router. Default login is admin and sabaipass123.


Click on the Network menu then on the OpenVPN menu


Load OpenVPN Configuration File

Step 1: Click the Choose File/Browse button

Step 2: Find your .OVPN file and click open


Some VPN providers have extra files that must be uploaded.

Simply find the corresponding file by clicking Choose File and opening each file individually.

Click Upload when completed.

Some VPN providers require a username and password. Click Show File then Edit to enter the username and password. Click Done then Save.

Step 3: Click Start

Check the top right corner for location and connection status of the VPN. Setup is complete. 


 Click here for additional instructions and how to. 

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