This tutorial explains how to connect your GL.iNet router to LimeVPN using the OpenVPN protocol.

You will have to login to your router’s web interface to configure VPN

  1. Access your device via the WebGUI. By default GL.iNet IP address is

2. Select OpenVPN and  navigate to OpenVPN configurations. Now download the following files from here

3. Drag and drop your selected ovpn file to your router. Then a new window will pop up which will ask you to specify your LimeVPN credentials. Type them in.

4. Then put a tick next to "Enable" option. If you want to activate kill switch – select Force VPN as well. Then press Apply.

5. You will be able to see “connected” message under status after successful connection

Now your traffic should go through LimeVPN! You can visit to confirm the successful VPN connection.

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