This is a tutorial will help you connect a Draytek router via PPTP.

You will have to login to your router’s web interface to configure VPN

  1. Open the VPN and Remote Access menu;

2. Go to Lan to Lan submenu;
3. In order to create a new VPN profile. click on an empty entry;
4. Change these settings in A. Common Settings menu:
• Profile Name can be set to anything you like. I would recommend naming it as LimeVPN;
• Enable this profile option should be enabled;
• Change Call direction to Dial-out;
• Enable Always on feature;
5. Change these settings in B. Dial-out Settings menu:
• Select PPTP as Type of Server I am calling;
• Into Server IP/Host Name for VPN field enter the address the server you want to connect to. You will find the list of server here

• Enter your LimeVPN Username and Password into corresponding fields;

• Set PPP Authentication to PAP/CHAP;

6. Change these settings in C. TCP/IP Network Settings menu:

• Set RIP Direction to Disabled;

• “From first subnet to remote network, you have to do” should be changed to NAT;

• Enable Change default route to this VPN;

7. Click OK to finish the VPN setup.

8. Go to VPN and Remote Access -> Connection Management;

9. Click Dial to establish VPN.

Now your traffic should go through LimeVPN! You can visit to confirm the successful VPN connection.

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