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How to configure Asus Padavan - OpenVPN?
How to configure Asus Padavan - OpenVPN?
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This tutorial explains how to connect your Padavan firmware router to LimeVPN using the OpenVPN protocol.

You will have to login to your router’s web interface to configure VPN

  1. Please access your router and navigate to VPN Client -> Settings tab.

  2. Select Enable VPN Client and fill in the fields as following:Remote VPN Server (IP or DNS host): One of our server addresses from Login: Your LimeVPN UsernamePassword: Your LimeVPN PasswordAuthentication Algorithm: SHA-512. If the VPN connection does not establish, try changing this option to SHA-1

  3. OpenVPN extended configuration:
    remote-cert-tls server
    tun-mtu 1500
    tun-mtu-extra 32
    mssfix 1450
    reneg-sec 0#

    log /tmp/vpn.log
    Syslog verbose level
    verb 3
    mute 10

  4. Press Apply and then select OpenVPN Certificates & Keys
    Copy the server’s CA certificate into ca.crt field and Static Key into ta.key field. You can find the required files here

  5. Once the .crt and key details are pasted, click on “Apply” and reboot the router

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