My Cloud is a line of personal Network-Attached Storage devices and multi-purpose servers.

To connect your My Cloud device to the VPN using OpenVPN, you will have to enable SSH access.

1. Open the web interface in your browser 

2. Go to Settings, then click on “Network” and enable SSH 

3. You will get a pop asking to confirm the changes, click on “Ok” and specify the SSH password

4. Install an SSH application such as PuTTY on your local machine. Enter the details as shown in the image

NOTE: The host name depends on the IP assigned to your NAS device. This IP can be found under the “Network” tab of the My Cloud device

4. First upload the OpenVPN file downloaded from here using SSH and use the following commands to connect to the VPN

openvpn.bin filename

Example: openvpn.bin eu10.ovpn

5. Press enter, it will then ask you for LImeVPN username and password. Type the details and press enter again.

Once you see Initialization Sequence Completed, you will be connected to the VPN server.

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