You can now use VPN servers as proxy. Configuring VPN server as a proxy will help you unleash the download speed which is usually a bit restrictive when using VPN. The steps below will guide you on how to setup a proxy connection on FireFox browser using the addon “FoxyProxy”

1. Open Firefox and enter “about:addons” in the address bar and press enter. This will open the add on manager page. Search for “foxy” in the search bar

2. From the list look for “FoxyProxy Standard” and click on it

3. Under the FoxyProxy Standard page, click on “Add to Firefox”

4. After the download is completed, click on “Add” to complete the installation

5. After successful installation a new page will open with the message from the developer, click on “ok” to open the settings page and then click on “edit”

Enter the following details and click on save

  • Proxy Type: HTTP/SOCKS5

  • Title or Description: Any name or can be left blank

  • IP address: Address of LimeVPN server

Refer for live status of servers

  • Port: 8080 in case of HTTP and 1080 in case of SOCKS5

  • Username: LimeVPN username

  • Password: LimeVPN password

6. To enable FoxyProxy, click on the FoxyProxy icon on the toolbar and select the option “Use proxy “Title” for all URLs”

You have now successfully configured the proxy connection using VPN server.

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