Synology is a network attached storage device provider. Network-attached storage or popularly known as NAS is a file level computer data storage server.

Such devices can be connected to a network so that file sharing between users can become easy. By configuring VPN on NAS devices you add an extra layer of security to your files.

Below is the step by step instructions to setup OpenVPN on a Synology device:

1. Access the control panel of your Synology device

2. Then search for Network

3. Click on Network Interface -> Create -> Create VPN Profile

4. Select OpenVPN and click on Next

5. Fill the details as below:

  • Profile name: A name of your choice

  • User name: LimeVPN Username

  • Password: LimeVPN Password

  • Import .ovpn file: Download the files from here and select the file depending on the server that you wish to connect

NOTE: There will be no need to add a CA certificate

6. Select all options and click on Next.

7. Select the newly created profile and click Connect

Once you establish the connection, the status of the profile will change to Connected.

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