1. From the Desktop, click on the Network Manager icon at the top right hand corner, then click on Edit Connections

NOTE: If Network Connections icon doesn’t appear, then you can open it via All Applications-> Network Connections
When you are on the Network Connections page, Click on Add.

2. Next, select Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP) and click Create.

3. When the Edit VPN Connection window is displayed, enter the following details:

Connection Name: Any name

Gateway: Server address mentioned here

For eg. eu10.limevpn.com

Username : LimeVPN Username

Password: LimeVPN Password

4. Click on Advanced and un-check PAP, CHAP and EAP and check use Point-to-Point Encryption and click OK:

5. Next click on Save

6. Go to Network Connection on the Desktop and click on VPN Connection.
From the menu, select newly configured VPN and you are connected.

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