How to use VPN on Router?

If you are looking for an explanation and a guide on how to setup VPN on router, you are in the right place. We made detailed instructions for most popular routers. You can find on our website different VPN setup guides for routers of different models and companies. 

Furthermore, these VPN setup tutorials for routers will guide you through the whole process carefully and thoroughly and you just need to make sure that you understood them correctly and that you follow them step by step. Setting up VPN on router is not really a difficult process and everyone who knows how to use internet will likely succeed in this operation. 

In case these instructions doesn’t work for you or you faced with any difficulties, please contact support. As we are the best cheap VPN provider we provide our customers with one by one remote setup sessions, so everyone could use LimeVPN on any router or any other internet connected device. We are always excited when customers ask for help.

How To Setup VPN on Router

Simply choose your router’s model from the list below or the model of router wich is very much alike, then follow step-by-step configuration guide and configure VPN on a router easily.

  1. Open the router’s web configuration page and log in as admin using Web Browser. Default IP address of router is

  2. Download the latest firmware version V5 and install it on the router.

  3. At the HOME screen choose Basic Settings -> Network -> WAN.

  4. In “WAN Settings” part choose option WAN Connection Type and then choose option PPTP.

  5. Fill your LimeVPN Username and Password.

  6. Then choose Dynamic IP and fill the VPN server hostname or IP address. All other values should stay at default values.

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