So, you’re trying to create Windows 8 PPTP VPN connection?

Simply follow this step-by-step setup guide and configure your PPTP VPN easily on Windows 8. Use this setup instruction as an example in case you are setting a PPTP VPN connection on your Windows 8 PC for first time. Mind to check your VPN account first , it should be activated and work properly. You might also need to check for e-mails from your VPN provider for the account access information and secret instructions.

PPTP protocol is the basic protocol to use on Windows 8, though you might want to try to setup SSTP VPN connection because it is the newest most advanced protocol for Windows 8.

Setting up PPTP VPN on Windows 8 easily

If you take a look at the instructions you will see that the procedure of setting up PPTP VPN on Windows 8 is, in fact, simple procedure that should not take more than five minutes to complete. Windows 8 VPN setup includes running Rasphone and creating new network device. 

All the step-by-step explanations are above and you can even get support from LimeVPN in case you fail to successfully setup VPN on your Windows 8. If you are a passionate Windows 8 user, this procedure should be easy for you to do. Also, be sure to read the instructions thoroughly before proceeding to the setup itself.

Windows 8 PPTP VPN Setup Instructions

Run Rasphone Press Win key + R to open Run window. Enter rasphone command and press OK

Create a new network device by clicking on New

Choose Workplace network

In the Internet address, enter any one of the server mentioned under

Type in your LimeVPN login email and Password in their respective fields. Leave Domain blank and click Connect

Wait for the process to finish and at the end you should be connected to the VPN

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